Innovative Lift Systems

Programmable memory limits, near silent operation, collision detection, simple installation and multiple connectivity options provide endless possibilities. Our lifts are made with Canadian grade “A” steel for an industrial strength that will last for years to come.

Our lifting columns are developed with the same state-of-the-art technology used by NASA. Imported from Denmark, they undergo rigorous testing before they are released. This ensures durability and a long service life, ultimately making maintenance obsolete.

Intuitive Control Boxes

Our control boxes are lightweight and slim, ensure smooth drive of the lift systems with a soft start and stop of the connected columns. They feature intuitive plug and play use with any of our lift systems. From an environmental point of view, our control box is a good choice as it has extremely low power consumption in standby mode, only 0.1 W with low-noise performance and it is PVCFree™, which is state-of-the-art.

Available in 2 main versions, a 2-channel version (200 W) or 4-channel version with more effect (300 W). Our 300 W is a universal control box meaning that it works worldwide, just add the required mains cable.

Industry-leading Warranty

Our Lift Systems are covered by a 5-year full replacement warranty. This covers all electrical components including lift columns, and a lifetime warranty on all load support brackets and lift attachments.

Connectivity Options

All of our lift systems come standard with a Bluetooth® enabled control switch. It features an angled design, intuitive one touch tilt function, multiple memory positions and compatibility with our lift control app.​Our optional RF remote control can reach up to 200 meters from anywhere in the house.

We strive to provide connectivity options to suit every need, whether it’s a smart control system or working with an existing home automation system. Our control options intuitively allow you to set desired limits for seamless installation and can control multiple units at once with one touch.

Fingerprint & Face Recognition & Voice Technology

Our leading-edge lift systems are compatible with the latest technology, providing the ultimate sense of security. This technology integrates seamlessly with our hidden floor or ceiling safes and other hidden storage areas in the house.

Environmental Commitment

Movable Spaces fully supports environmentally friendly living. All of our product lines are PVC-free, low-noise and low-energy. Our technology helps bring standby power consumption to 0.1W.

Portable Battery Packs

Imagine having the freedom to remove power cords and use a powerful rechargeable battery wrapped in a discreet design. This battery delivers mobility, flexibility, and comfort – without compromising your design.

The B4m is a high-performance Sony lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. The battery box features LED light bars indicating capacity level and an audio alarm when it needs to be charged. This powerful battery will last over 200 lifts between charges.